“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
― Pablo Picasso



The house at 303 East 17th Street was built by the Union Pacific Railroad in the 1880’s for the company doctor as a residence and office. it was then occupied by the Welch family, long-time residents and local ranchers. many people called this house a home when it was a four-plex apartment building, among them was filmmaker Allen Ross who was murdered in the house. The Case was featured in a Dateline NBC program and an award winning documentary film called “Missing Allen”. The most exciting use of this historic structure is the housing Deselms Fine Art & Custom Framing since July of 2001. Besides fine custom framing, Deselms features original artwork by local and regional artists.

“Art is an investment, an investment in Yourself! Pruchasing a piece of art is not a liquid investment but still and asset by treating yourself for your hard work and adding beauty to your surroundings.”

Harvey Deselms, Owner Deselms Fine Art

Original Art – All styles, sizes, medias, and prices, included sculpture.

Custom Framing – Thousands of moldings and matting choices, creative designs including shadow boxes.

Art Consulting Service – Layout, design and installation. Home and office.