Talk of the Town



Limestone, steatite, Utah alabaster

15 x 6 x 6

17 x 9 x 8 with walnut base

22 lbs

“Talk of the Town” is carved out of limestone, repurposed from the razed Saint Mary’s school in
Cheyenne, and is also a mixed media piece. I love the Navajo storytellers, with the mama or
teacher sitting with her legs stretched out in front of her and many children sitting on her lap,
listening to her stories. I have made my own renditions of that relationship through the years,
usually with a stylized female with stair steps going up her dress with several children sitting on
the stairs, visiting with each other and learning new stories from their mentor. For this one, I
made the girl on top out of black steatite soapstone, the boy out of green alabaster from Utah,
and the girl on the bottom step out of red alabaster from Utah. The three of them are posed to
show that they are discussing the events of their village, as well as enjoying their mentor’s

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